Secondary School

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Secondary school is where students begin to apply the foundations of their Primary Education. Adolescence is a time of rapid growth and change in a young person’s life as they transition from childhood to adulthood. Relationships during this period of time are key. Peers, mentors, and role models, as well as a positive College environment, support students to develop into confident, respectful, and capable young men and women.

Our College environment is one in which we promote and encourage:

· Positive, caring and respectful relationships whereby each and every student understands the responsibility they have to each other so that all students feel like they belong and are valued.

· Increasing levels of self-discipline, initiative and responsibility as students take ownership for their work ethic and character.

· Faith formation whereby students engage and grapple with who Jesus is and how that informs who they are.

· The pursuit of excellence and achievement in all that they do, regardless of setbacks and failure.

In Secondary, we deliver the National Curriculum from a Biblical Christian perspective. As students’ progress through Secondary, their opportunities to pursue elective subjects of their choice increase and provide the foundations for future careers and study.



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