Primary School 


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Primary schooling is focused on building strong foundations in a child's life so that they feel safe, interact well with others, and are equipped for future success. The Bible describes Jesus as a foundation to build a person's life upon, and so, Primary students are introduced to Jesus and the Bible with the hope that He becomes central to their lives.

Positive relationships are important for a successful journey through school. For this reason, we work to foster good social habits such as, respect, thankfulness, fair play, and friendliness. Students that learn to get along well with others, have a greater self-confidence and sense that they belong.

Work habits is another foundation that enables our students to attain success. We teach our students to be punctual, responsible, persistent and diligent, so that they learn to be self-disciplined and productive. As our students apply these skills to their learning, our teachers endeavour to support, encourage and challenge students to achieve their best.

Our aim for students who are exiting Primary school is that they have developed:

• Excellent social skills which enable them to form great friendships, work well with others, and manage their own behaviour.

• A love of learning and a solid literacy and numeracy foundation which sets them up for success in Secondary school.

• A growing sense of God’s world and their place and purpose in it.