House Competition

Dalby Christian College has a strong House Competition consisting of three Houses which are named after famous missionaries:



Judson                      Taylor


      DCC Athletics 2019 29 finish line lo
  Tug O War 2019 70 Cooper lo

The purpose of our House competition is to develop in our students a sense of being a part of a team that comes together in support of each other to work together in achieving success. The development of good character in a competitive environment is one of the aims of our house system.

Our House competition is a combination of sporting, artistic and academic activities which enables students to contribute to areas that they are strong in as well as in areas that they are not as comfortable. We encourage participation and effort in support of team success, rather than seeing house competitions simply as something that an individual can have success in.

As students come together to unite around in their House, we desire to see the development of character traits such as fair play, sacrifice and service, humility and perseverance. We hope that these traits support our students to be great team mates in their future families, workplaces and other team environments.

House competitions take place throughout the year and include:

  • Swimming Carnival
  • Cross Country Carnival
  • Athletics Carnival
  • Singing Competition
  • Bible Quiz Challenge
  • Ball Games Carnival
  • Plane Competition
  • Tug O War